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Minimum Viable Product

We’ll determine the core functions for your product and develop a Minimal Valuable Product in order for you to launch and test it with real users.


proof of concept

Before joining us, the first step is to test the concept of your product. Is your idea feasible technically or not? Has this been done before? What is your unique proposition?

We will carry out the technical consulting and provide you with efficient advice based on our experience of working with startups and launching new young products to the market.

After carrying out a successful POC we can advance to the next step.


After we've confirmed the Proof of Concept, we will move from an idea to sketches, wireframes and the design of the product. We create interactive prototypes to check its logic (for example in Invision).

We create the User Experience (UX) maps and design the User Interface (UI). At this stage we also work on branding and product style.

This step offers you the opportunity to demonstrate your prototype to your target audience and potential investors. You can see how people interact with your product and we can make changes promptly, even before commencing the Software Development step.

software development

Rapid software engineering is the best way to launch a product without spending extra time and money.

We use technologies that allow us to efficiently release your product to the market and increase the app functionality step by step, making changes at short notice based on audience feedback.

For this we use React JS / React Native, Redux and others technologies.

launch and promo

Your goal is to explain and promote your idea to grab the market's attention. Be it a potential user or an investor, you have to present your product convincingly.

We can help you here with an informative and reliable homepage, attractive and attention-grabbing videos, interactive presentations etc.

We will stick with you throughout the entire product launch process.

What next?

After we've fully tested the concept, we will work with the MVP to make it fully-fledged product, ready to cope with a demanding flow of users and work with a large scale of data and complex algorithms.

We will allocate you a team working with advanced technologies to get your product up and running at optimal performance. Our frontend programmes include: ReactJS, React-native, AngularJS, CSS3, HTML5; Backend programmes: Ruby On Rails, PHP, Erlang, Go, Postgres, MongoDB; Native mobile technologies etc.

We will discuss and plan the iterations for expanding functionality and adding the desired and necessary additional features.

Join us today, and realize your product's potential!