Fleet Management Portals

We specialize in creating WEB and mobile platforms for comprehensive vehicle & equipment real-time tracking and for any size fleet management. Clients always know where fleet drivers are to optimize their routes. It is easy to track scheduled maintenance, vehicle system alerts, and driving events, and diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) for vehicles with real-time notifications when there is an issue.


Manage Your Vehicles in Real Time

Monitor and route vehicles with real-time location and traffic awareness.

Vehicle Health

Track maintenance, battery health, engine temperature alerts, fuel levels and DTC codes for your vehicles.

Odometer & Hour Meter

Actual odometer or hour meter values are sent from the vehicle allowing you to stay on top of maintenance schedules.

Crash Detection

Receive instant notifications when an accident occurs. Our optional eCall service also allows crash notifications to be sent to an emergency dispatch center.

Improve Driver Behavior

Identify risky behavior, create safer drivers and reduce accidents.

Fuel, Idling & Utilization Reports

Keep costs under control with powerful reporting tools giving you insight into vehicle usage, fuel consumption and idle time.

User Access Controls

Setup user hierarchies allowing system users to only view and access the vehicles and information you authorize.

Mobile App

Access your fleet information anywhere at any time. Our rich mobile app offers all the same functionality that is found in the web application.

Core features:


Real Time Location Tracking & Alerts

Vehicle Health & Maintenance

Extensive Vehicle & Heavy Equipment Support

Detailed Reporting

Crash Detection

Driver Behavior

User Access Controls

IFTA Reporting

Odometer & Hour Meter

3rd Party Integration